Hotel Guests: Tips on Not Being a Jerk

1. Do not insult employees (especially those in operations, such as housekeepers). They are literally cleaning up after you. Their job is not a measure of their intelligence.

2. Do not insult employees that don’t speak English as well as you think they should. There are a lot of immigrants working in hospitality. Unless you are proficient in multiple languages, they are a step above you for having taken the time to learn a second language.

Also, if you make any racist comments, I’m denying whatever stupid request you’re about to make. Forget about that later check out.

3. Don’t make comments on employees’ immigration status. How would you know? You have no right to assume.

4. Don’t bitch me out because you had to wait two minutes at the desk while I refilled the coffee. At least you have coffee.

5. Don’t ask for discounts over stupid things. You are not getting money off your bill cuz your TV remote needed new batteries.

6. Don’t smoke in the room unless you’re positive it’s allowed. It’s actually illegal in a lot of states because it can harm people who have breathing problems.

7. Don’t be surprised if you get charged for smoking in the room. No matter how much air freshener you use, we WILL catch you.

8. You must check out by the appropriate check out time. You do not get to stay in the room as long as you wish. We have to clean it for the next guest. I will charge you for another night if you stay too long, and I don’t care how upset you get.

9. Don’t complain if you can’t check in early. We have set check in times for a reason. We can only clean rooms so fast, ESPECIALLY IF PEOPLE ARE NOT CHECKING OUT ON TIME.

10. Don’t get upset over hotel policies. We are not going to alter a strict cancellation policy because you didn’t pay attention.

11. Don’t book through third party travel sites. They always screw up, you always blame me, and there’s never anything I can do about it. Call direct. Please.

12. Don’t use a rewards system to bully us. I don’t care if you’re triple diamond platinum whatever. Sold out means sold out.

13. If we tell you to leave, don’t try and argue. We are in charge of the property and we have the right to make you leave for any reason at any time. If I have to contact law enforcement, I will not be the one in trouble.

14. Don’t yell at me. If you are in any way causing a disturbance, I am fully within my rights to call the police on you. Full stop.


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